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Wayne Hudgeons Purchasing Agent
USPTO Application Number 12/072,376 - Confirmation No. 4684
Publication Number 2009-0211140-A1 ; Publication date 8/27/2009 
The Logo used on our products is a Registered Trademark of CBRPS, LLC

Center Balanced Rifle Platform Systems
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Phoenix, AZ 85027
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So Cal SKS Yugo Sporter
Mississippi 597 Added Mag
Colorado 597 Standard
New York Mosin Nagant

Louisiana SKS Norinco Sporter
Yukon Leftie 597
Ohio Dual Mag 597 Bull Barrel
Northern Cal SKS Yugo Sporter
Utah 597 Standard
Pennsylvania 597 Added Mag
Florida 597 Dual Mag
Texas SKS Yugo Sporter
Center Balanced Systems
Arizona SKS Yugo Tac 
Ohio Saiga 12 Standard
Pennsylvania Norinco SKS Tac
Michigan SKS Yugo Sporter
Massachusetts Mosin Nagant with folding rear pod and chassis mounted bipod
Hawaii Norinco SKS Tac
Connecticut Mossberg 22 Plinkster Tac 
Toronto Canada Registered Class
Standard AK and Custom Mosin Nagant
Mosin Nagant with Custom OD Green paint, Muzzle Brake and bent bolt
SKS Paratrooper
Spike Base

Australia -
Mosin Nagant Rail with Custom butt 
New South Wales

Mosin Nagant Standard with shortened barrel, compensator and night scope Optics
Indiana Shooter Mosin Nagant Flat Top 

With shortened barrel, compensator and night scope Optics,Timney trigger, Harris rotapod rail adapter, Harris bipod, Brass Stacker raised scope mount,  Osprey international scope, flat turn down bolt, JP Enterprise muzzle device, 100% vltor black Duracoat. 

Washington State 
SKS NC Spade

4x40, mil dot, lit reticle, quick change mount, scope mount riser (to get the scope up to eye level), red laser in front of scope for back up, green laser on top front of barrel, flashlight on bottom front of barrel, five position front handle (which contains the switch pads for the lasers and light) , custom strap loops

SKS Norinco
Spike Base

Mosin Nagant Standard
in White
Mosin Nagant Cossack Rifle with 
Barrel Cover and CNC Warrior original Russian Style compensator
Mosin Nagant Cossack ES Rifle with high lift rings, Magpul front grip and compensator
SKS Spike Base with Tac Sleeve, added cap rail, flip up sights, Magpul front grip and compensator,
MN Standard with tribute hammer and sickle icons, bolt by Boltman and custom compensator
Wyoming Shop
AKX1S in digi camo with full tactical setup
Utah Shop
AKX1S with flip up sights and holographics
Missouri M44 Customer
Cossack ES with custom muzzle brake, bipod and long range micro adjustment scope
Customers Beretta ARX 160 compared  to Ruger CBRPS Raptor 
Oregon Ruger Raptor customer with 50 round drum mag and offset scope and customers comp picture with Beretta below
Texas AKX1S Customer with Millet Scope
North Carolina Ruger 1022 Raptor with Bull barrel and AR lift kit
France Cossack ES with hand applied carbon fiber veneer, Atlas bipod, Bushnell 6-24x50 scope, NC Star tactical grip, Timney trigger and CBRPS Wedge Muzzle Brake
...At 100 yards, all bullets in 1.5" circle with home reloads...Recoil reduction is incredible - fired 40 shots in a row without the slightest pain in my shoulder...felt like shooting 222 Remington
Minnesota Draco with custom Compensator
Texas MNAR Customer -

Dura-Coat black matte finish, UTG Sniper rifle profile bi-pod, UTG 5mm SWAT 3-12x44 Compact IE Scope with AO Mil-dot 36 color EZ-Tap.
Arizona SKS Noroinco Spike with Tac Sleeve and rear sight base
California SKS Spike Base and Pug Customer -

This customer has come up with a clever design for CA shooters to utilize stripper clips with the Spike Base System.  The butt stock has been trimmed to accommodate insertion of the stripper clips and a secondary levered mechanism attached to the rear sight leaf that allows shooters to use the factory 10 round fixed mag with stripper clips, while providing a cover mechanism for additional protection during firing.
Washington SKSAR and Spade Customer -

Here is a well dressed pair of SKS CBRPS units by a Washington customer.   The  Cantilevered optics mounting systems were preferred to get the line of sight exactly where he wanted them.  A very unique forward charging system for the Spade can be seen on the right side of the lower unit.  (The Spade incorporated a pic rail gas tube by NC Star that is no longer available, and as such those particular units are no longer offered by CBRPS).  Nice pair!
Oregon multi customer -

The three units below, The Cossack ES, Ruger Raptor and Remington 597 Dual Mag unit, are set up for appropriate optics to accommodate best ballistics, as well as pressure activated red-dot lasers, and forward slant-grips - Nice trio -

This is the customer's setup using the pug front end with 10" pic rail
California Cossack ES

This delightful concept, aside from a well conceived graphics package, also benefits from using the Bryan Cathy 10 round mag adapter kit.
Texas Custom Shop

This shop specializes in custom finishes for various gunstocks.

Here is the CBRPS Mosin Nagant Standard, Cossack ES and SKS Spike with Tac Sleeve in differing custom paint colors.
MN Standard
MN Cossack ES
SKS Spike with TacSleeve
Idaho Customer/Contractor (Conceptual Ballistics) CBRPS Collection with Superior optics systems

AKX1S with custom buttpad

SKS Spike in Shortened barrel
Mosin Nagant
Cossack ES with
shorty front grip
Mosin Nagant
Cossack ES with raw aluminum chassis and broomhandle front grip

California Mosin Nagant Cossack ES with Cerakote finish
Kentucky Saiga 12 Spike setup for Home Defense
California Mosin Nagant Standard with Sniper Scope and Custom Muzzle Brake
Oklahoma SKS Pug with Holographic optics, Harris bi-pod and offset taclight
Mosin Nagant M9130, shortened barrel, White MNAR  with thermo formed butt and Magpul front slant grip, red dot laser with pressure switch
Mosin Nagant T53 with bayo lug ground down, custom optics, custom paint designated "Wolverine"
AK47 X2S with left side forward charging handle, magnifying scope and back-up iron sights with combo grip-pod
SKSAR Zombie SKS, custom paint and optics
MNAR with one piece butt, custom paint and optics