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Our direct rod engagement  with the tip of the host barreled action trigger assists in leveraging the trigger (as is typical for all of our units), making it a simple physics tool to produce smoother engagement.  This is especially helpful due to the dual mechanisms utilized by Saiga in order to copy and extend the long reach from the Saiga mechanism to the AK47 style trigger and sear.   

 There are no wires or pivot points in our system.
Saiga 12 Spike Shotgun for 19"  barrels - $380
The tac sleeve can be removed by simply unscrewing the barrel end nut and sliding it forward and off.
The tac sleeve is designed to accomodate the current 5/8" adjustable gas plugs
Click on the pic below to see a customers take on the system.
A while back we were contacted  by and met with an ex Navy Seal who wanted to suggest some things to us that could be useful for Military and Law Enforcement personnel.  

One of the main suggestions in that meeting was a breecher weapon that could be used in limited space such as narrow hallways and cramped quarters that could blow off the lock or hinges of most dwellings.  Their input was significant in the development of the CBRPS Saiga 12 Spike.

Here is a pic of the rod keeper included with the kit, installed on the AK pattern scope mount that some units with especially heavy trigger pull can benefit from.
Saiga 12 Spike to be retired