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The overall length of the CBRPS installed on an SKS Yugo barreled action is 34" (30" for Norinco).  It fires the same round as the AK47, but the additional 6-7 inches of barrel on the SKS provides for better accuracy, muzzle velocity and downrange power, while measuring 1-1/2" less than the standard AK47.  The front grip also assists overcoming the firing torque generated by the long barrel of the SKS.

Sportsmen who were fortunate enough to pick up one of these finely machined rifles when they were in abundant supply would benefit significantly from the CBRP System.  Though the factory barreled action is quite heavy, the system allows for handling with one hand.  
Important note:  We accept no responsibility for the functioning or malfunctioning of the barreled action fitted to our system.

A clean, safe and properly functioning barreled action with reliable ammo is required in order to use the CBRP System.  Though a gas shield covering the majority of the receiver is in place, the design cannot compensate for a dirty or faulty weapon or ammo.  It is imperative, due to the nature of the semi-automatic bolt operation during battery and case extraction of the SKS system, that the safe functioning of the rifle be verified prior to mounting on our system and maintained thereafter.  If there is any doubt at all, do not acquire or install the CBRPS unit.  Our disclaimer is due to the fact that this is a drop in unit, not requiring any gunsmithing, whatsoever.  

This is the SKS Pug with the 10 inch pic rail mounted for shooters who prefer flip up iron sights for their sighting system.  Of course magnifying optics can be used if required, but the irons are perfectly setup for this system.  

The Pug is suitable for California and other states that do not allow detachable mags.  
It is also suitable for the shorter barreled Paratrooper models with fixed mags, and those with AK fitted mag set-ups.
SKSAR - $327
Price includes AR Grip trunnion, dual trigger rods, left side bolt release button, integral EZMag system, one trimmed Tapco mag, upper and lower pic rail.  
Kit includes one trimmed Tapco mag to accomodate the EZMag system.  Additional trimmed Tapco mags can be purchased for $25 each.
SKS Pug II - $325 includes trimmed Tapco mag
Due to the elevated upper, the SKSAR system doesn't require the removal of the  factory wood gas tube cover.
Tapco mag, uncut, with 2.4" appendage
3/8" left over tab after removal
Tapco mag, 2" of appendage removal
SKSAR Customer review and firing test
SMG Type shown with  V-Grip removed
SKS 7.62x39
White units are available for an additional $35 (limited supply)
White Units out of stock 
​Add $40 for the V-Grip
S type vents (currently unavailable)
SKS Pug with 10" rail ($280)
​Add $25 each for additional trimmed Tapco mags
SKSAR Installation Video
​Add $20 for 4" left and right pic rails
Note to Lefties -  We do not have a left-handed unit, since there are no left handed barreled actions with left ejecting brass
The Pug III has additional front side panel heat shields that accommodate a 12" upper pic rail as well as side pic rails and a lower pic rail suitable for mounting a bipod or even one of our V-Grips for those who prefer having a long grasp system as well as a tactical grip. 

The EZMag system and slam bolt are included in the Pug III.  As noted above a trimmed Tapco mag is included in the base price.  Additional trimmed Tapco mags can be purchased for $25 each.
SKS Pug III - $345 includes trimmed Tapco mag
The Pug II has the same profile as the Pug, except it includes  the EZMag system and slam bolt system.  As noted above a trimmed Tapco mag is included in the base price.  Additional trimmed Tapco mags can be purchased for $25 each.  

It is suitable for shorter barreled Paratrooper models who want to change out their fixed magazine to detachable mags.
The SKS has a bolt hold open device (I've shown a gold arrow pointing at it colored gold next to the red lettering) at the rear of the mag opening that free floats and holds the bolt open after the last shot or can be finger activated to hold the bolt open when the action is clear.

(See You Tube video at the bottom of the page for more info).
bolt hold
open tab
SKS Hold Open tab function
As noted in the video above there are some SKS bolts that have the capability of allowing a fully loaded mag to be inserted with the bolt closed.

Those bolts were an upgrade to the bolt by machining down the lower side ribs (that originally inserted in the fixed mag system) but prohibited the detachable mag system, because the mag feed lips prevented the detachable mag from being inserted flush to feed ramp.

For our own purposes, on a base SKS bolt, we have ground down those ribs to match the upgraded profile bolt and have found the result to be quite satisfactory.  

If being able to have a bolt closed but with loaded mag in place is of interest, then we suggest the upgrade to the most recent SKS bolt profile be done on your bolt.  There are good rework firms out there that can accommodate your request, who know how to properly machine them without damage to the metallurgical properties of the factory bolt.

We also recommend you install a firing pin spring when that process is completed, thus preventing the normal free floating firing pin from jamming and causing a slam-fire, in the event of unusual grime build-up in the firing chamber.
Add $35 for white
This Yugo has had the grenade launcher removed.  The overall length is still at 28.75" so falls within the federal minimum overall length requirements.  The weight reduction is significant as well.
Here is the website address to one of those companies who have the know how and tooling suitable for work on your SKS bolt et al - 

Cold Bore Dynamics - www.sales@coldboredynamics.com

They are also quite familiar with several of our products and are one of the Platform Contractors we would recommend if you elect to have a contractor/smith acquire and assemble all of the parts of your SKS, including barreled action, optics and initial set-up and sight-in.  

Excellent work!
Here are pics showing the width difference between the factory wide bolt (white stock) and the M type bolt in the black stock (milled sides from factory or reworked).  The type M bolt allows the insertion and lock in of a fully loaded magazine.  The standard bolts doesn't due to bolt interference with magazine lips.
​The SKSAR kit is suited for the Yugo and Norinco style guns.  It is not suited for the short barreled Paratrooper model.
To use PayPal and order immediately click on the link below
SKSAR  300 round Rapidfire customer demo
The $90 Muzzle Brake for the Norinco/Russian models of the SKS is a success.  Preliminary tests are very positive. 

The unit below also has the forthcoming alternate $35 left side charging handle - Ideal for customers with the "M" type bolt -
​Now available - Alternate left side charging handle for all SKS units
(add $35) and muzzle brake (add $90) for  Norinco/Russian units
$35 SKSAR Optional Left side charging handle demo - new for 2018
White units sold out