Note:   Optics, bipods, barrel mounted quad rails and extended magazines shown installed on the products are not included, but are accommodated by our designs for your consideration and use.
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Center Balanced Systems

These are a few of the AR grips that can be utilized on the AR trunnion that comes on the MNAR, the SKSAR, Ruger Ranger and other units forthcoming.  The far left unit, the A2 is what the AR normally comes with.  The rubberized Hogue fits without any modification.  

The Ergo grips from Magpul, Israeli industries, Mako and UTG products and any others that include a beavertail extension require trimming off the appendage extending above the plane of the main grip.

Many of our stocks accommodate a .575" red dot laser from NC Star.

We suggest purchasing the NC Star Red Laser Sight (ARLS - about $15) and the Pressure Switch for Red Lasers (ALWS - about $6)
 from Amazon.
Gen II Spade with expansion ribs

The 9130 Muzzle Brake is easily installed and doesn't require any machining whatsoever.  The unit simply slides on and when rotated, locks a keeper tab on the Black Oxide Stainless Steel diaphragm into place behind the Mosin Nagant factory front sight base.  Installing and tightening the remaining screws and setting the lower set screw preps the unit for reducing recoil at least 40% - some say more.

We sell these at cost to customers who purchase a stock from us for $65.

Others can purchase the Muzzle Brake only for $90 plus $6 shipping.
The "Thumb-ring"  (Rapier) grip

A few years ago, we designed and developed the Thumb ring type grip.  We also refer to it as the Rapier grip (similar to the name used by the swordsmen musketeers of times past).

We initially designed the unit to accommodate supporting the heel of the hand during trigger pull and discovered that it provided even more support than initially thought with the initial design concept.

It was first offered with the Mosin Nagant Cossack and provided an extremely sturdy CNC aluminum structure that even allowed the shooter to fire that rifle using one hand, without fear of breaking things, notwithstanding the extreme recoil provided by the delightfully powerful 7.62x54r bullet.

With a little adjustment, it became interestingly well suited and fitted for the Ruger 1022 Raptor because it also cradled and supported the 25 round mags that a lot of folks use with the 1022.

Along with the unique looks, it provides an aesthetic that is a compliment to certain rifles as well as being a benefit during firing posture.

In developing a left side forward assist for the AKX2S, we needed to design a system that would accommodate a reciprocating left hand mechanism that would match the AK reputation for sturdiness and function.

The slotted billet  works perfectly for the set-up and will also be used on future products that will benefit from a left side reciprocating charging handle while not needing an upper shroud since the mechanism is designed to have a 6" pic rail attached directly to the billet, making for excellent zero as well.

The AK Machined Billet Gas tube
For info only - Several customers asked if we had considered designing a Mosin Nagant unit that could accommodate the ProMag detachable mags  that have become available .  We invested a lot of R&D into making the system work for our MNAR and MNXCaliber systems, but were eventually not satisfied with only 90% feeding efficiency.  Part of the issue may have been the differing factory feed/alignment incidentals.  Even so we abandoned the  concept in preference to perfect loading of the factory 5 round fixed mag.  As such, we have no plans for offering the detachable mag setup shown below-