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Gallery II

Ranger Customer setup with Leupold VX-3 scope and riser, Kidd internals, Atlas bipod, KAW Compensator and Custom "Deep Space" Kryptek paint by the Customer.   

Cossack ES with Raw grip chassis and Thermoformed butt and Muzzle Brake.  Long leg bi-pod setup.  This customer also acquired the Speedbolt work from jhrobert@charter.net
Ruger Raptor with Stainless Steel bull barrel and custom paint at the lower and grips and modified Magpul front long grasp setup
MNAR with Extreme Range Sniper Scope, thermoformed butt and Harris bipod
SKSAR with Tactical EOTech and Long Range optics magnification system and combo front grip/bi-pod mounted in a Norinco
SKSAR with AR handle and iron sights mounted in SKS Yugo
White Cossack ES Customer setup with custom black grips and Spade Muzzle Brake
Here's an interesting color take for the SKSAR with red Carbon Fiber refinish and trim, EOTech optics, contoured Magpul long grasp system, tac light and red dot combo  and breecher compensator
Here's a clean straightforward Ice Princess with custom black grips, black rails and holographic optics
Pre 2014 MN Standard, trimmed down to accommodate the factory Mosin Nagant integral dovetail base and subsequently the free-floating, shortened to 20" barrel.  Snakeskin hydrographics are a nice finishing touch - Nickel sized groups at 100 yards are typical.  Check out the two shots at the two pizza box pepperonis.

Ruger RRR2 Raptor compared to M4 setup.  Ruger has Magpul long grasp and micro dot, side mounted for quick target access and Adjustable long range scope.
Ruger RRB1 Raptor compared to customers Manlicher setup for the 1022.  Ruger has flip up irons and pic mounted strap.

Nice comp of the old school best and the new -
MNAR with 3 pc hinged lefty buttstock, custom bi-pod lug, milled upper cover to accomodate using Mosin Nagant factory barrel mounted dovetail base on shortened barrel with custom compensator and custom extended butt  with micro adjustable long range scope.
California customer SKS Yugo with factory grenade launcher barrel end with factory fixed mag  mounted in the CBRPS Pug, with flip-ups, ready for the coming whatever.
This is a Pre 2014 MN Standard with some pretty nifty paint and hydrographics.  Everythings stock except with the addition of a quick access laser and long range taclight and long leg bi-pod.
Here is an SKS Paratrooper mounted in a Pug setup and an M38 Mosin Nagant with custom bent volt in the MNPG
Nestled in the midst of this nice exotic family is the CBRPS Remington 597 Dual Mag setup - fits right in with the rest of those brutes
A nice Gunsmoke camo dresses up this MNAR with 3 pc lefty butt and custom bolt, Magpul v grip and includes an old school muzzle brake 
This AKX2S belongs to a Firefighter.  Strong setup with flip up irons.  And it looks like packing plenty of firepower is pretty much a requirement for this trunk carry.
This Ruger Raptor RRB3 has some nice trim accents at the pic rails, bolt handle and mag lever 
This Ruger Raptor RRD2 sports the Primary Arms Red Dot and 4x Magnifier, along with the Magpul AFG
This SKS Spike with the bayonet lug ground off has Holographic optics (a natural for the SKS), steel 30 round mag and AK74 type muzzle brake - simple and clean -
This Mosin Nagant Standard with custom muzzle brake and carrying  Case that accomodates 20 stripper clips is a great setup for grab and go -
This ML Cornelson Mosin Nagant Cossack ES with TacVector 4-14x50 Reapers Scope and Vektor muzzle brake is consistently hitting 2-4 inches at 500 yards with hand loads.
New Mexico MNPG with custom limbsaver butt and red dot optics
Saiga 12 Spike with custom paint, holographic optics and back-up iron flip up sights
Maryland MNPG in white with holographic optics
New Mexico SKSAR with custom color upper and flip up irons
ALD3 Studios, SKSAR
California Spike in Paratrooper with fixed 10 rd mag
Texas MNAR with Spade muzzle brake, custom paint and Barska 6-24x50 long range scope
Illinois MNAR with brake and Leapers 3x9x40 Scope with custom laser set-up
New Hampshire SKS Pug II with threaded barrel for Silencer and cantilevered Optics
 Alaska SKS Pug II on Paratrooper model with front sight removed
Pennsylvania Custom Gunmaker SKSAR with milled trigger guard, custom paint and graphics, Magpul grip and modifed slide safety
 Family of Rugers - Note the custom unit at the bolt action setup
Check out this unique North Dakota MNAR using a ProMag detachable mag conversion.  The customer ingeniously designed and modified the mag portion of his Archangel stock to fit our system due to the increased capacity with a detachable mag and the better balance inherent in our unit.  The result is quite an elegant and innovative set-up
The 9130 barrel was cut to 20 1/2", and a T-brake added. The scope is a Vortex 6-24x50 Crossfire II with a Vortex cantilever mount, and a UTG dovetail adapter. Finally, a UTG bipod #TL-BP69S that clamps onto the lower weaver rail was utilized.
 Here's a cleam set-up from a British Customer with integrally silenced barrel
The Barton Barrel is 1" until the last 4" when it flares to 1.25" so he had to machine the support block to take it.  The baffles unscrew out of the muzzle for cleaning .
He had the lower channel hard anodised in grey to match the Barton gunworks fully shrouded and silenced match barrel.

 IOR 1-10x26 scope on top and a carbon bipod underneath
This customer's modest, but sublime setup emphasizes the sheer simplicity and functionality of the AKX1S.  Addition of the Magpul angled foregrip and the cantilevered optics mount make for unequaled balance and form - a perfect compliment to the venerable "mud gun".
This Georgia customer's SKSAR sports an EOTech optic - a perfect consideration for this system.

This customer's Pug III has some custom made micarta grips that are a nice accent.
This is Li'l Bababooska with 10 round mag, Dual optics, muzzle brake and angled foregrip.
This CA customer has this Cossack ES unit decked out with all kinds of field friendly accessories
This AZ customer has this Micro fitted with a custom Tac jaw that encloses a 1000 lumen full size Husky tac lite, as well as the non-reciprocating left side charging handle.
This CA customer has this Cossack Rifle Limited Edition fitted to an MN44 carbine and has added a Gehmann adjustable butt system.  A Timney trigger with our Compound Leverage Trigger system should be able to yield tiny groups downrange.
This Florida customer has his SKS Paratrooper fitted with the Pug II.  This is a sweet set-up for the Paratrooper unit that had the factory fixed mag but now has the EZMag detachable mag system and that he's further enhanced with flip ups, tac lite and Military grade red dot optics.
This Texas customer has his MNAR set up with an offset pair of iron sights with the front unit mounted on the top pic rail of the muzzle brake.  The long range Varmint scope makes this a perfect set up for hard hitting on heavy hogs.
This Corporal has his Cossack ES fitted with  a heavy duty side mounted bipod and tactical red dot.  His unit also sports the Speedbolt by jhroberts and has a custom ring release/safety.  The skeletonized front accessory grip makes for quick sight acquisition.
This Texas Customer's Cossack ES with a V-Grip and the Tiger stripe paint makes for a stunning first take.  The custom muzzle brake fits out the unit, supported by a Harris bi-pod
This New York Ruger Raider customer applied some snazzy graphics and ergonomic front grip to his kit, along with some elevated micro sights -Sweet unit!!
This is a Tactical Innovations Raptor project with custom graphics and ergonomic CQR front grip, along with EO Tech type optics - great concept!