Base CBRPS Unit cost :
(Prices subject to change without notice)
Materials  27%
Machining 48%
Labor/assembly           15%
R&D investment          10%

Note that funds over and above manufacturing costs are utilized for Research and Development, both for ongoing production, as well as future products. 

In the event of manufacturing changes, prices would adjust accordingly.
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All of our rifle stocks are custom manufactured on CNC machines with highest quality materials and assembled by hand.  The design is formulated as a drop in system, where no gunsmithing or modification of your barreled action is required.

Our base platform unit utilizes aerospace grade co-polymers extensively  (these "plastic" materials are more expensive than aluminum):
Chassis,  Barrel shroud, Foreend grip and housing, Trigger and safety mechanisms

Since the product has performed well for our prototypes, the pistol grips and rear side panels are offered as milled and sawn air-entrained plastic with the exposed open-cell face in contact with the shooter's grip, enhancing excellent gripping even in extreme heat and humidity.  The front grips utilize the same sawn material for the same reasons.

All fasteners are black oxide hardened steel or stainless steel allen units.  All springs and dowel pins are stainless steel.

The trigger actuator rods are either aluminum or stainless steel, depending on the model requirements.

Colors available are all black, or white with black trim. 
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Center Balanced Systems
* White units, when available, cost an additional $35
We will be glad to log you in at any time for any of our products.  Simply let us know via email which CBRPS model you are considering.  

Be aware that lead times, more than likely, cannot be confirmed until the product is in hand.

Note:  We do not maintain a large inventory of any product/system - 
all units are semi-custom ordered, shop qued and filled.  We sell out every batch we make, so there are no "left-overs", per se.