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Good gunsmithed triggers are the norm for long range accurate shooters.   And a good trigger job, due to the nature of the balance required for safety and trigger pull weight, normally costs a tidy sum (as should be expected with quality gunsmithed trigger jobs).

Of course there are also excellent after market trigger systems, notably Timney units that are prized, albeit somewhat expensive (sometimes in the hundreds  of dollars range), but the shooters that can benefit from them are quite pleased.

In most cases, our direct engagement trigger system provides excellent leverage and as such continue to offer shooters a great trigger for their units.

However, there are a few barreled actions that may need additional help overcoming a stiff trigger pull.  One of the specific benefits of our chassis system is that we can incorporate the best physics properties  available to affect different components beneficially that may not be available with a rifle without a platform system.

The Compound Leverage Trigger System is one of our newest benefits.  It is especially helpful for triggers that are well designed, but perhaps are a  bit more stiff than long range shooters may prefer.

The compound leverage principle is similar to a hammer pulling a nail or a nutcracker type mechanism where a stationary axis point allows a lever a better physics advantage than is available otherwise.

The system is perfect for the Mosin Nagant factory triggers with great sear disconnects, but horrid trigger pull weight.   

Some Ruger triggers are sweetly sturdy, but  perhaps need some trigger pull lightening help.   The somewhat dangerous (unless you are a qualified gunsmith) sear  work that can render a good gun unsafe or unfunctional can be risky.  The Ruger 1022 and the Mini 14 units both benefit from our CLT system.  A good trigger pull weight can be attained  with our leverage system without having to create a perhaps unsafe sear lock margin  while attempting to lighten the trigger pull of these fine instruments using other methods.

Finally, a trigger stop is supplied with the system and can be used with the CLT system, providing maximum trigger feel and associated fire control.

So, when purchasing a unit with the Compound Leverage Trigger system, the shooter can expect to experience the additional benefit of an excellent weight trigger which would be included in the price of the kit.

Current units being designed to benefit from the CLT systems are:

MNXCaliber (for Mosin Nagant 9130 units)
Ruger Mini 14 "Micro"
Ruger 1022 Ranger
Compound Leverage Trigger System
Update as of April 7, 2015 - We have just tested the Ruger 1022 BX trigger drop in replacement system ($79 at Cabelas) and we are impressed.  As a Ruger owner, I am extremely pleased that they have finally produced a trigger product delivering a clean, crisp 2.5 pound trigger release for 1022 barreled actions. 

However, as the developer of our CLT system, I'm a bit befuddled, since, with the BX, things get way light.  When used with our CLT system, the trigger release drops to less than 1 pound - quite light, but the interesting thing is that the feel is still amazingly clean and the release edge can still be felt.  

We'll run a bunch of ammo through our Ranger with the BX and our CLT system and see what the net effect is and let you know.

One way or another, it's a good deal for Ruger 1022 sharpshooters.

Update as of April 10.  The Ruger BX with the CBRPS CLT is an excellent sharpshooters accessory setup.  Dozens of trigger pulls at the range were flawless and well controlled - an excellent consideration for experienced target shooters.