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Length comparison
The rear dovetail of the CBRPS main chassis must notch/slide into the front edge of the receiver to accomodate all funtions, including mag insertion and removal.
AKX1S - $310
26.5" long
AK Spike X3 Base Price $240
Our systems are designed to work with mil-spec steel magazines, including good milsurp units.  Some waffle mags will not work due to the oversized foot of the units.
AK47 CBRPS AKX2S Installation
AK47 CBRPS AKX1S Firing Demo
For Romanian type AK47 with square cut rear receiver, wood buttstock steel tang and cleaning rod hole at the gas nut trunnion
AK47 CBRPS AKX2S with aluminum gas tube billet and left side charging handle- $370
We had waited for more than three years for another manufacturer to offer a forward assist bolt operation system for the AK47 system that had been advertised, but for some reason it has not become readily available.  As such we determined to go ahead and complete our design for a simple system that provides the benefits of a forward assist system.  It also has a lock open device and a thumb release after lock open.
This unit with the left forward charging system is very sastifying.  Our system would require a modification, albeit a very simple one, to the AK Bolt.  Drilling an 832 threaded hole for our charging handle 1.4" from the front end of the gas pistol is required to install and utilize the charging handle.  The handle allows for ease of field stripping as well. 
The part to the left is a machined aluminum gas tube billet with a slot to accommodate the reciprocating handle.  The entire assembly comes with the kit.
For fun, we added one of our V-Grip systems to the very front to get the general feel -  and for those shooters who prefer a long grasp sytem, we think it should be quite suitable.  Of course it's not required and many may prefer the system without it.  As such the V-Grip will be offered as an option, like it is for other systems.
These will come in matte black powdercoat with black anodized grip chassis (see production pictures below).  White or raw (as shown) is an additional $35)
These units can be acquired without the gas tube billet and handle mechanism for $330.
The rugged beauty of this ubiquitous rifle is unmatched in its ruggedness and sheer functionality.
The least we could do was offer a tidier package, good trigger, and better heat dispursement at the barrel area.
AK X4 IMB  $375
Test firing video of  the Integrated muzzle Brake function
This is the base unit with the V-Grip and Thermoformed butt and CLT trigger system
Demo firing demo of the Integrated muzzle Brake function with side views as requested
It also has the CLT trigger system.
The AKX3 upgrade  is prepped for a gas tube mounted 6" pic rail for whatever optics work for you
Here is the base unit using the factory AK gas tube cover for those who have other optics preferences (like a Scoutscopes mount).
AK Spike X3 Billet  Price $290
It includes the CLT trigger system.