Center Balanced Rifle Platform Systems rifle stocks are the result of years of design and prototype development to provide products with ergonomic feel and rifle balance for rifle sportsmen.
Our System benefits rifle actions, old and new, which can be fitted with the Center Balanced Rifle Platform System resulting in a finely balanced rifle due to the principles and ergonomics of the design.
Those who have handled the rifles fitted with the Center Balanced system have complimented the feel and balance of the systems mounted rifle, firearms professionals, military and law enforcement persons included.
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Our bullpup design provides those rifle sportsmen who have a preference for ergonomic design and the feel and balance that occurs due to placement of the center of gravity of the rifle at the web of the right hand.  This is the base principle in our 
Center Balanced Rifle Platform System.  
Center Balanced Systems
The CB Logo placed on our products is a Registered Trademark of CBRPS, LLC .

Be wary of products not made in America that may have "borrowed" the CBRPS concept and LOGO.
All CBRPS design, parts, materials, machine shop work and assembly is by US citizens.  These are Made in the USA.

  • We use email correspondence to place and confirm orders.  Contact us at  We will log you in for your requested product upon confirmation of order.
  • We can be contacted via phone during normal Mountain Standard business hours, Monday thru Friday at               623-606-1267.
  • We invoice for orders only when the unit is ready to ship -  We invoice via PayPal - You can pay the invoice with either a Credit Card or a PayPal account.
  • We try to have all products ready to ship, but to keep costs down do not maintain heavy inventory .

Regarding our trigger rod design and function:   Our direct rod engagement  with the tip of the host barreled action trigger assists in leveraging the trigger (as is typical for all of our units), making it a simple physics tool to produce smoother engagement.  

 There are no wires or pivot points in our standard trigger rod system.
  • Products currently available:
  • Ruger® 1022® Raptor  - $312 (black or brushed raw aluminum)  
  • MNX Caliber - $293 in Black
  • MN Cossack ES  in  Black - $340, in White - $375
  • Gen II Muzzle brake add $65 for gunstock customers

  • Mosin Nagant  MNAR $325 Duo Tone
  • Ruger® 1022®  Ranger $282 (Black or brushed raw aluminum) 

Our Compound Leverage Trigger System is designed for those specific rifles that need a bit more leverage and less trigger pull weight - See the CLT System page
  • SKS -  SKSAR  - $327  (includes one trimmed 20 round Tapco mag)
  • Remington® 597 -                   $280 (for black units)
  • AKX1S - $310
  • Left side charging handle is an additional $35
  • V-grip is additional $40
  • Muzzle Brake for Norinco/Russian is an additional $90
International Customers:  
Due to enhancements by our products and current international security/customs guidelines, we will only be shipping products to Customers with US addresses.
​-  AKX2S - $370
-  AKX4-IMB   $375
With Left side charging handle and billet aluminum gas tube
With billet gas tube scope mount and internal muzzle brake
Mossberg®-    Scout   $280